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Scrap Metal

We are a scrap metal recycling and processing facility, servicing Thunder Bay and surrounding area.

For over 30 years, Dutchak Scrap Metal has operated as a scrap metal recycling and processing facility, serving Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. William Dutchak started the business in a 500 square foot building, as a hobby after his retirement.

Since then, thanks to the support of loyal customers and businesses and the commitment and hard work of our employees, we’ve grown to over 5 acres with 30 employees.

We offer fair market pricing and are well-respected in the community by suppliers and customers, and are experts in effective sourcing, processing and marketing of scrap metal for recycling.

Dutchak Scrap Metal is consistently able to provide safe, environmentally-friendly, efficient, professional services, and are proficient in the design of customized solutions that improve efficiency and value of client scrap.

We are committed to long term relationship building with our customers to better understanding needs and proud to offer end products (processed scrap material) of the highest quality, recycling over 25,000,000 lbs of scrap metal last year.


A large part of our suppliers include the public, who come to our centrally-located facility, where their scrap metal is sorted and paid by weight. You can bring us one pound or one ton of scrap metal. By recycling, you not only save the environment, you also get Cash for your scrap.

We also deal with small manufacturing companies to multinational corporations. Materials are either brought directly to our facility, or we provide scrap metal bins, free of charge, which we maintain. We also provide dump and yard clean-up for scrap metal. We will provide a weight scale ticket and payment will be issued immediately.

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About Dutchak Scrap
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Our Commitment
To Quality

Dutchak Recycle and Scrap Metal is well-respected in the community and the scrap metal industry, as we provide the best possible service. We pride ourselves on offering fair, competitive pricing, and friendly, fast service.

Over the years, we have gained a vast amount of experience in the scrap metal industry, and have established a good working relationship with our buyers, as we offer a product of the highest quality.

We’ll Guarantee our service and ensure that your recycling requirements are met in a professional and ethical manner. We are a proud member of both C.A.R.I. and I.S.R.I..

Health & Safety

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and customers. Being a member of C.A.R.I. and I.S.R.I. has provided us with the resources to help establish a Health and Safety Program that is geared for the recycling industry.


We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally safe manner. We are committed to recycling materials and preventing pollution. We now offer freon removal, at a charge, to prevent contaminants from getting into the environment.

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